Honor your father and mother.

text and image r.v.

Joseph Alberdingk Thijm (1820-1889), Dutch Roman Catholic writer, spiritual inspirator of architect Pierre Cuypers, interpreted this fourth of the ten commandments once in a lecture as the treating with respect of your own cultural past. As well with respect for the building style of the Colonial Establishment, as with esteem for the directly attached colonial past the local authority of Amsterdam should have definitely followed Thijm’s recommendation. The from 1910 originating building has nevertheless not witnessed its own one hundred birthday. This along the IJ situated building originally served as a warehouse and place for inspection of governmental goods from and to the Dutch East Indies. The city council of Amsterdam found it, despite several protests of local residents, politicians and architects, sufficient to eventually only reuse a couple of special details, on another location.


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The Bleeding Tomato is the online sketch book of Roberto Voorbij - Visual / 3D Artist. A place for his spin-offs, new ideas, personal frustrations and fascinations. Blogging about art, sociology, technique, marketing and more…
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