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Loekie the Lion (Loekie de Leeuw) was the character that was used in short stop motion movies between different commercials, aired by the Netherlands Public Broadcasting, between 1972 and 2004. The playful movies that functioned as the division between successive commercials are typified by a clumsy lion with the standard slogan ‘asjemenou’. Because it had to be a typical Dutch figure its creator Joop Geesink chose for the lion from the Dutch coat of arms. In total over 7,000 movies of Loekie the Lion have been made. The name ‘Loekie’ comes from ‘to look’. Annually is the ‘Golden Loekie’ (Gouden Loekie) still being handed out to the best commercial shown on the public broadcasting stations. The theme park Huis ten Bosch in the Japanese Nagasaki, where various historical Dutch buildings have been copied on the scale of 1 : 1, has Loekie the Lion as its mascot.


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