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In the Mondriaan Tower in Amsterdam is at this moment the exhibition DUTCH GIRLS to be seen. The English title of the exhibition already indicates to what extent here a manifestation of a clear Dutch identity is visible or dissectible. Of course is the host, Delta Lloyd Group, an internationally operating company what would explain the choice of language, but when we look at the accompanying text we notice that it’s completely in Dutch for the rest. Further, when it mainly concerned a translation there would by this conversion have emerged a quite different connotation. The conversion can in the context of national identity hardly be seen any different then a statement about the current Dutch identity. In the artworks, is the foregoing confirmed by the several times recurring of general fantasy worlds, of fashion models and other global media images. The Dutch identity has, when we take the work of these six Dutch artists as a guide, become an international identity, with only a distinguishing past. Of course is it the question whether there has ever been a time when a clear definable national identity could be differentiated.

DUTCH GIRLS – Delta Lloyd, Mondriaan Tower, Amsterdam. From August 2 through September 24, 2010.

Participating artists: Karin Bos, Barbara Broekman, Anouk Griffioen, Anya Janssen, Hester Scheurwater, Lique Schoot.

Karin Bos – Give me your toys (2006).

Anya Janssen – Free floating anxiety (2005).

Lique Schoot – Self portrait 09 06 18 (2010).

Lique Schoot – Self portrait 08 11 08 (2010).

Anouk Griffioen – Hoofd #6.

Mondriaan Tower.


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