Scaffolding fixation

text and image r.v.

To an outsider it must appear that Amsterdam is heavily obsessed with scaffolding. Not only a large part of the touristic highlights has been wrapped up with it, but now it has even pervaded the interior of De Nieuwe Kerk where temporary church warden Krijn de Koning has build a captivating 4 meters high, to be climbed installation. Maybe a solution for the constant recurring of scaffolding is to declare it as permanent abode. Or will this same scaffolding construction then again itself end up in scaffolding? Certainly would it correspond with the predilection in Dutch design for construction materials, take for instance the frequent use of these raw materials under the Droog design label. That the scaffolding problem can also be approached from the contrary point of view is being shown in New York. There has been decided to initiate a true design competition for the there as well viral scaffolding phenomenon.

Krijn de Koning – ‘Church Warden’ of De Nieuwe Kerk (2010).


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