Wim Delvoye prt. 2

image and text roberto voorbij

At the BOZAR in Brussels is until January 23rd 2011 the opportunity to let yourself be amazed / impressed / shocked by the work of Wim Delvoye. On the one hand is his art too universal and on the other too extreme to not be addressed by it. In the works Helix DHAACO 90, Double Helix DS 360 00, Double Helix CCI 180 0 and Double Helix DS 360 90 the archetypical elements Delvoye avails himself of are the crucifix, genes and the spiral shape. By merging these there seems to arise a variety of interpretations. One possible option is that Wim Delvoye wants to tell us that in genetics our salvation lies hidden. Spiral shaped is after all the path that leads to heaven according to the classics. Indeed, it does concern the crucifixion here, but through the distortion it more evokes associations with Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. The work Helix DHAACO 90 is possible a vertically placed column which brings heaven literally within arm’s reach. Or is it just the cross-beam of the cross, concerning the carrying of the cross this is historically correct; the upright post was already at its place. Specifically the round works have regarding the context associations with Christ crown of thorns. And so the fractal theory also seems to resound, which states that the bigger whole takes on the form of the smaller parts. This Droste effect like process takes also place more or less at a micro-scale where every gene caries the information of the whole. Does Delvoye wants to communicate that God is in everything? That God is in the smallest elements of life, the smallest particles. That suffering and salvation is in our genes, the building stones of which we are made of…

Wim Delvoye – Double Helix DS 360 90 (2008). German silver.

Wim Delvoye – Helix DHAACO 90 (2009). Patinated bronze.

Wim Delvoye – Helix DHAACO 90 (2009). Patinated bronze.

Wim Delvoye – Helix DHAACO 90 (2009). Patinated bronze. Double Helix DS 360 00 (2008). German silver. Double Helix CCI 180 0 (2008). German silver.

Wim Delvoye – Chapelle (2006). Laser-cut corten steel.

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