Open Source Image Experiment Boomerang Create – Stedelijk Museum

text stedelijk museum image roberto voorbij

The Do It! evenings at The Temporary Stedelijk introduced the visitor to new, innovative and unexpected developments in contemporary art, in a playful and experience-based manner. Do it! – Play It! on 18 November, illustrated that art and machines are an excellent combination. Focusing on new developments in (locative) media art, augmented reality in a museum and gaming as artistic and institutional practice.

Boomerang Create initiated for this an open source image experiment. With one image as a starting point, participating artists elaborated on each others work. The designs were morphed into one film, that gives a fascinating insight in the creative process.

The following creatives contributed to the experiment; DTM_INC, GOSTERK, BRUCE BROUWN, Ivo van IJzendoorn, Psytek, Mippie, Roberto Voorbij, Voutloos, Rutger Floor, Bas Fontein, Zender, Menno Schenk, Ingeborg Scheffers, Danny Merk, Aldert Mantje, Bouwe van der Molen, Raymond Lemstra, Ido Vunderink, Pierre Derks, Waynehorse, Bohny, Jip_C, Stefan Glerum, caretiv, Dwi, Yvo Sprey, Koen, Thomas Klaui, freshco, Johnny Lighthands, Studio Vruchtvlees, Kim David Bots, George Bates, Father Futureback, Lennard Schuurmans, Endroe, Jos Kel, Lennard Kok, Ocmer Hcsobnerot, TEAMjustine, Daan Botlek, Femke de Vries, Jacob List, gwenst, Free Roaming, Quatsch, Luuk Bode, Yorit Kluitman, Jana Blom, E Rosie, Jaron Kornivus, Riemkje, SPACE3, GBH, Victoria Loos, SPIELEREI, Bruce TMC, LandaPenders, Graphic Surgery, The Garlic Myth, Chris Versteeg.

View the work:


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The Bleeding Tomato is the online sketch book of Roberto Voorbij - Visual / 3D Artist. A place for his spin-offs, new ideas, personal frustrations and fascinations. Blogging about art, sociology, technique, marketing and more…
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