Architecture – structures and images

text and image roberto voorbij

The exhibition Architecture – structures and images at the main building of the VU University Amsterdam still runs until March 24, 2011. The exhibit will end next Thursday with a public lecture / discussion (2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.). Amongst others shall Bas Princen, whose work can be categorized under the New Topographics, give an explanation of his exhibited series Five Cities, the practice of the Middle East. Two other photographers whose work was also represented at the Exposorium are Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm. In five photographs from 2002 they zoomed in on the very periphery of the building process. Further, did Isabelle Wenzel challenge the perfection of the architecture and disciplined nature of the office staff of the Zuidas by building her own Metropolis from litter.

Bas Princen – Cooling plant, Dubai (2009). 125 x 155 cm, photo ed. 1/6. Series: Five Cities 2009 United Arab Emirates. Courtesy Galerie Van Kranendonk, Den Haag.

Isabelle Wenzel, Vision Zuidas (2011). Sculpture, 300 x 150 x 150 cm, carton, latex. Collection artist. Virtueel Museum Zuidas/Zoom 2010.

Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm – Untitled (2002). Photo, 43 x 53 x 3 cm. Courtesy Virtueel Museum Zuidas/Zoom.


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One Response to Architecture – structures and images

  1. Babygirl says:

    I love this statue and the paintings. Everything just looks amazing. I really enjoyed reading this post.

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