Summer Expo prt. 2

text and image roberto voorbij

With opening speeches by the Gemeentemuseum director Benno Tempel, Carlien Oudes of foundation ArtWorlds and Jan Jaap Knol director of the Cultural Participation Fund, has this Saturday the first edition of the ZomerExpo been opened. Surely the first in a long tradition to come. Jan Jaap Knol already let the audience know that in any case the fund guarantees the financing for the next three years. All three speakers spoke emphatically their gratitude to the participating artists. Certainly not something to take for granted at major cultural events such as these that the organizing parties explicitly mention and praise the artists. Emphasizing the important cultural role of the artist, a welcome sound in a political culture-unfriendly climate. Although the curators only had a loosely on the genres of still life, portrait and landscape based starting point of 250 different artworks, has there nevertheless a pleasant whole been composed. Along with plenty of room and attention for each individual participant. The event was broadcasted live by Avro’s KunstUur.

The ZomerExpo at The Hague’s Gemeentemuseum runs until the 21st of August 2011.

ZomerExpo 2011. H.P. Berlage – Gemeentemuseum (1935).

ZomerExpo 2011. Opening speeche Jan Jaap Knol director Cultural Participation Fund.

ZomerExpo 2011. Gemeentemuseum director Benno Tempel waiting for interview with Andrea van Pol.

ZomerExpo 2011. Egbert Willering – Bed (2011), Robert van Westendorp – Twin no. 4 (2010), Tamme De Boer –  Asphalt Jungle (2009).

ZomerExpo 2011. Edith B Meijering – Bad Hairday (2010), Mat Kissing – Nannie (2010), Don Nederhand – Fina with mud pack (2008), Edith B Meijering – Clown (2010).

ZomerExpo 2011. Mc Brouwer – Landschap (2010).

ZomerExpo 2011. Monica Overdijk – To come closer#7 (2010).

ZomerExpo 2011. Fieke van Berkom –  Bij de dokter (2007).

Roelien van Aalderen – Noors water (2011) [placed upside down…], Max van der Ree – City in the skies (2010), Nora Ponse – Lost in Appearance (2010), Bernice Siewe – while the driver sleeps (2007), Deborah Roffel – Firmly Caught (2010), Erica Scheper – Zonder titel (uit de serie ‘Functionele dingen aan de muur’) (2011).

ZomerExpo 2011. Roberto Voorbij – Amsterdam, Central Station (Tactile Paving I) (2010).

ZomerExpo 2011. Opening drink, court Gemeentemuseum, The Hague.


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