M HKA – COLLECTION XXVII, East from 4 ° 24 ‘

text and image roberto voorbij

There are artworks with a clear message and there are artworks which mainly raise questions. Good artworks offer both, are suggestive and direct at the same time. Hereby the artwork becomes more than a discourse by the artist but forms a dialogue with the viewer. Add to this the role of the curator plus the layer of the critic and so the into a dialogue evolved discourse becomes a debate. The on August 21 finished exhibition COLLECTION XXVII, East from 4 ° 24 ‘ certainly belonged to the latter category. The dialogue was even literally present next to the works on display, which all to a greater or lesser extent overlapped with the theme of ‘The Orient’, where the visitor by means of headphones could hear short interviews between the artist in question and Jef Lambrecht. Lambrecht himself for many years Middle East correspondent and notorious art expert invited for this exhibition at the Antwerp M HKA 14 artist friends to bring in work on the basis of the aforementioned theme. The shown reflections ranged from general and exotic to specific and local. However, all formulated from the perspective of the artist. So don’t expect an abundance of inside views or eyewitness reports, or an overload of cultural analysis. But probably that wasn’t the assignment. Or maybe the approach of this topical issue with the more traditional term of ‘the Orient’ was what caused this. Fortunately could one for the latter need turn to the artworks with which these 14 had been mixed. Works by Eastern artists from the collection. Ultimately the interrelations in this double presentation lay much more in personal stories, critical views on society, the poetic reflections. The not coinciding with the stereotype revealed the recognizable and universal. To conclude with Joris Luyendyck; “They are people like us.”

Koen van den Broek – Blue East (2011).

Koen van den Broek – Blue East (2011). Presentation.

Guillaume Bijl – Composition trouvée (1989).

Almagul Menlibayeva – The Observer (2010).

Liang Yue – Deaf Land (2002).

Hamlet Hovsepian – Yawning (1975).

Charif Benhelima – Semites (2005).

Charif Benhelima – Semites (2005).

Charif Benhelima – Semites (2005).


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