Gert Robijns – The Village

image jan bellen text roberto voorbij

Anyone who visits after a long time his native town again can confirm that this place has put the standard. These buildings have determined what you consider as an ‘archetypical village’. Just like it’s for African children easier to draw a circle and for Western children a square, are these the shapes that have shaped you. The molds of your thoughts, the molds of your imagination, your ideas. The abstraction which Gert Robijns applied to some, in his own words, iconic buildings of his native Gotem is a logic visualization of this matter. Ones own village is iconic. Hence the title. These stylized versions have been placed at about 10 km from the originals. Caused by the absence of color the work functions as a blanco canvas or projection screen for the viewer. The white abstraction creates an image that is somewhere between memory and reality. Simultaneously Robijns questions the protectionistic nature of the phenomenon village. The artist does this by offering the near-copies for sale. From a similar perspective the location on a fenced military area can be interpreted. The use of ‘the church’ has a comparable connotation; the same hermetic system.

The Village is exhibited in Sint-Truiden, Belgium until October 30th, 2011.

Gert Robijns – The Village (2011).


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