Scheepvaartmuseum Reopened!

text and image roberto voorbij

The maritime museum visitor had to wait patiently for four years but now there really is an ultramodern museum where the extensive collection of the Amsterdam Scheepvaartmuseum, the National Maritime Museum, can be admired again in all its glory. Supported by many multimedia applications that really provide added value and that should be said, have a serious entertainment value. Such as the many inviting extra large touchscreens which lay bare deeper layers of the exhibited objects, an ingenious container ride that lets you experience surrounded by four synchronized video screens the supply route over water, by air and on land of a bottle of wine before it ends up on the shelf of Marqt, or a 17th century building that looks like new again with a in the style of the British Museum spectacular roofed over courtyard, where if you can afford it a seated dinner for 900 people can be organized. But perhaps is the true reason for a visit the tastefully designed presentation of the maritime painting collection. Very pleasant how the entire art history chronologically passes by on the basis of the same subject. From the pure narrative classic works of the 16th and 17th century, the sublime exploring Romanticism, the on the individual perception focussed Impressionism of Mesdag to eventually the by the Scheepvaartmuseum, on the occasion of its reopening, commissioned painting Africa-Holland Line by Peter van Dongen, a triptych that shows the current reality of boat refugees and border controls. And this is just a selection, eventually the only concern is what to choose…

The Open Courtyard.

Touch screen in front of  Cornelis Claesz. van Wieringen’s The Battle of Gibraltar on April 25, 1607 (1622).

Entrance Container Ride.

Willem van de Velde the Younger – The Battle of Texel (Kijkduin) between the Dutch and combined English and French fleets on 21 August 1673 (Circa 1690). Oil on canvas.

Peter van Dongen – Africa-Holland Line (2011). Oil on canvas.


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