Saudi Miffy Dress Up Doll

image electa manuputty + rutger floor text roberto voorbij

Electa Manuputty – Miffy Dress Up Doll (2011). Rutger Floor – Saudi Miffy Dress Up Doll (2011).

The disappearance of privacy and the now as well in the Netherlands announced burqa ban, are part of the same trend of openness. Openness is the new norm. You don’t have anything to hide, right? So why make a fuss about privacy? The question is which face coverage will be next. The beard? The motorcycle helmet? Or does this decision have nothing to do with security after all, and everything with xenophobia? Some people see in the burqa the concealing of your identity. For others, it means the expression of their identity. What do we choose ultimately? A neutral public space? Neutrality and objectivity don’t exist. Or do we choose a public space which again is a real public space. Where different manifestations, political / religious / sexual orientation can be openly expressed?


About The Bleeding Tomato

The Bleeding Tomato is the online sketch book of Roberto Voorbij - Visual / 3D Artist. A place for his spin-offs, new ideas, personal frustrations and fascinations. Blogging about art, sociology, technique, marketing and more…
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2 Responses to Saudi Miffy Dress Up Doll

  1. Red Toenails says:

    I think the basic thing is respect and love for others. If these principles are adhered to, there would be no problems with others in the first place.


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