Luciano Fabro – Prometeo (Prometheus)

text and image roberto voorbij

With some simple interventions makes Fabro the unsuspecting visitor completely question his assumptions. Just by turning a set of measuring staffs and ranging poles the Arte Povera artist makes clear how unstable and relative our scientific presuppositions are. How much everything depends on agreement and habituation. Prometheus stole the fire from the gods to give it to man, to inspire man with knowledge, with creativity, to let him transcend the animal. The non-animal visualizing constellation over here, of unnatural colors, processed marble and measuring staffs forms an unsteady whole though. Above is below. No clear x, y and z axes. Chaos reigns. Ultimately is nothing being measured. Even literally, here is the emptiness being measured.

Prometeo is part of the exhibition Augenspiel at the Maastricht Bonnefanten museum and runs until the 15th of January 2012.

Luciano Fabro – Prometeo (Prometheus) (1986-87).


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