Topsy Turvy

text and image roberto voorbij

Since last May the Amsterdam arts centre De Appel has moved to a new, permanent location. Its opening exhibition is titled Topsy Turvy and contains more than a few highlights. Amongst other things a one-time screening of the “only political work” by Matthew Barney. In which a deforestation truck is part of a Brazilian carnival / performance. The impressive video installation Quien lo vive, Quien lo goza – La Mascara de la Maladad (Who lives, enjoys, The mask of evil) by Alberto de Michele, which spread over four screens gives an insight into the underworld, into the thoughts of the criminal, the rules of conduct. Even a work by James Ensor could not be missing, a hyper realistic and melancholic clown by Ugo Rondinone and a series of photographs plus film which expose the distinguishing and again anthropomorphic connecting process of humans and animals by Toshie Takeuchi. To name just a few reasons not to miss this group exhibition. Topsy Turvy will be on display until September 23, 2012.

Ugo Rondinone – If There Were Anywhere But Dessert. Sunday (2000).

Alard van Hoorn – Skies over Snaefell (2012).

Matthew Barney and Arto Lindsay – De Lama Lamina (From Mud, a Blade) (2004). (Trailer).

Maja Borg – Ottica Zero (2007).

James Ensor – Carnaval en Flandre (Carnival in Flanders) (ca. 1929-1930).

Toshie Takeuchi – …And the Name of the Dogs (2012).

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