World of Waste

text and image roberto voorbij

Dutch photographer / visual artist Peter Smith has created a globe made of PET bottles, street litter which took surprisingly little effort to collect, Smith says. In the Amsterdam IJ floats since several weeks this collection of “objets trouvé”. With this art project the artist wants to bring to attention, that one discarded bottle eventually relates directly to the plastic soup in the Atlantic Ocean. Smith’s objective is not so much an exact defined amount of waste reduction, but rather a change of mindset. Keep it clean! Regardless of who the mess may be, is his opinion. It’s our world, so it’s our mess…

Peter Smith –

About The Bleeding Tomato

The Bleeding Tomato is the online sketch book of Roberto Voorbij - Visual / 3D Artist. A place for his spin-offs, new ideas, personal frustrations and fascinations. Blogging about art, sociology, technique, marketing and more…
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