Now or Never #2

text and image roberto voorbij

For the Now or Never #2 exhibit at the GEM director Benno Tempel selected eighteen talents of the KABK. All graduated in 2011 or 2012. Diverse work, but certainly with a high average level. Like the work Order of Service by Henk Otte, which seems a filmed version of Hans Eijkelboom’s typological series of photographs, where the addition of movement makes tangible the strict ritual of the Reformed church service. Or Raoul de Lange’s intense work Mug Shots. Which shows the viewer on various commercial products, “filtered images” of victims of the Arab Spring. To be regarded as criticism of the conventional media which only present pleasant pictures, or shocking images to a certain level. Interesting as well is the video work of Machteld Rullens, videos which – in my view – explicitly place the acting, the props, the masquerade at the forefront. Where the classic film interpretation, the regular actor philosophy is one of the illusion. Do these videos specifically deal with the imagination, the fantasies in which we want to flee, in which we reside maybe even more than in reality …

Now or Never #2 runs until February 24th, 2013, at the GEM in The Hague.

Participating artists: Juliaan Andeweg, Vanessa Bernhart, Bob Eikelboom, Anne Forest, Katinka van Gorkum, Frank Heiser, Lisanne Hoogerwerf, Guus Kaandorp, Iztok Klancar, Raoul de Lange, Thomas van Linge, Ferenc Molnar, Henk Otte, Lonneke van der Palen, Machteld Rullens, Arnold Sas, Daniel van Straalen and Puck Verkade.

Raoul de Lange - Mug Shots

Raoul de Lange – Mug Shots (2012).

Machteld Rullens - The Revenge

Machteld Rullens – The Revenge (2012).

Henk Otte - Order of Service

Henk Otte – Order of Service (2012).

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