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In your face. Stip 2010 and art now. Centraal Museum, Utrecht 19 jun – 12 sep 2010.

This summer, the Centraal Museum offers a platform to young and innovative artists. In collaboration with the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, the museum presents, between 19 June and 13 September 2010, the exhibition In your face. Stip 2010 and art now. For this presentation, the museum has selected visual artists, designers and architects from the new generation, who have received a starter stipend for their work from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture between 2006 and 2008.

Alberto de Michele, Alfons Hooikaas, Anna Bas-Backer, Atelier NL, Awoiska van der Molen, Christien Meindertsma, De Makers Van, Felix Weigand, Gijs Kast, Idan Hayosh, Iris van Herpen, Jennifer Pettersson, Jeroen van Bergen, Job Wouters, Joep Overtoom, Jonas Staal, Lola Landscape Architects, Katrin Maurer, Marc Koehler, Marijn van Kreij, Miranda Cleary, Monika Kluckova, René van Engelenburg, Reineke Otten, Rob Hornstra, Rogier Klomp, Roos van Soest, Sjocosjon, Tom Verbruggen, Ton van Zantvoort, Wikke van Houwelingen.

Some highlights (r.v.);

Alfons Hooikaas
Graphic designer Alfons Hooikaas designed the catalogue for In your face, the exhibition’s typography and the floorplan. In his designs he often mixes different sorts of information to form a new whole, which reveals underlying connections and relationships. In the exhibition catalogue the relationships between the participants are shown through images, graphics and a series of key words.
Collection of posters


Rob Hornstra
In 2008, after eighteen years of capitalism, Russia had 101 billionaires. In the book 101 billionaires, photographer Rob Hornstra focuses our attention on the downside of hard Russian capitalism: a section of the populations has in fact become poorer. Hornstra gives an impression of this world of past glory, poverty and drugs. On the large wall he presents a preview of the book Empty Land | Promised Land | Forbidden Land, which will be published in November.
Photographs from Empty Land | Promised Land | Forbidden Land • 2010 • paper The Sochi Project • 2009 • Book 101 Billionaires • 2008 and 2009 (crisis edition)


Reineke Otten
Otten is showing the follow-up to her project World Skin Color Maps, in which she carted the various shades of skin around the world. She is currently exploring how these skin colors have spread over the years in relation to migration and urbanisation. Research and cataloguing are a constant in her work.
World Skin Colors • 2010 • In collaboration with Lust


Jonas Staal
Five times each day Staal will have the Islamic call to prayers played from the roof of the Centraal Museum. The work serves as a mirror to issues of freedom and identity.
Call to Prayer • 2010 • Sound installation (roof above the entrance)



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